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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resolution

One of my resolutions this year is to start blogging on a more consistent basis again. So be on the lookout for more pictures and recaps of our busy lives.

I'll start this out with a recap of my trip to San Antonio. My birthday & Christmas gift from my parents this year was a trip to see the Huskies in the Alamo Bowl. Just my dad and I went and we had a great time =)

Our flight left Wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. We finally arrived in SA around 3:00. We checked in and then headed to the Riverwalk for some dinner. We ate at Dick's Last Resort. It is a fun sports bar where they give you service with sarcasm. My dad needed some napkins and this is what we got:
Napkins just thrown at us!!
We started off with nachos and then my dad ordered BBQ ribs & chicken and I had catfish. It was all pretty tasty.After we walked around the Riverwalk and stopped and got gelato and ice cream from Tuscani's. It was pretty tasty.We woke up Thursday morning and hung out at our Motel and got ready for the game. We had lunch at Pat O'Briens then went to the Tower of the Americas to check out the view. You could see for miles and miles!! We could even see our motel which was a couple miles away.
Ready for the game!
Jambalaya, Gumbo & Red beans and rice
Shrimp po boy
The Alamo
We then walked across to the Alamo Dome and the Husky tailgating party. We ended up meeting the mother of a cheerleader and I also got rudely snubbed by Joe Montana for a picture!!
Joe Montana = rude jerk!
It was a back and forth game full of fast paced scoring... we were exhausted by the end!! The Dawgs ended up losing 56-67 =[ It was the most entertaining losing game I've been too.
Chris Polk = a beast!
We got back to our hotel after midnight and caught another 6:00 a.m. flight back home.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just a quick post

Been super busy, but wanted to make a quick post about a new endeavor I've decided to try. I'm going to be a stylist for Stella & Dot jewelry!! Their jewelry is classic, on-trend, super cute & affordable. You may have already seen some of the jewelry in fashion magazines like: In Style, Lucky, People, Oprah & Redbook. In addition, they have been featured on The View and Today Show. Just click the picture to see the entire line.


Friday, May 20, 2011

March of Dimes - March for Babies 2011

Long time no blog!! I was so busy with being the event chair of the walk this year, but now that is over and life is back to just normal busy instead of crazy busy.

The walk this year was FANTASTIC!! We had a great team finally & I'm so excited and hopeful that everyone will be back next year along with a bunch of new walkers. It's so nice having all these people there showing their support for Ray San. Here's Our Miracle Ray San 2011.
From L-R
Back Row: Robin, Laura, Adam, Eli, Me, Carl, Nancy, Pat, Stephanie, Sheila, Chantel, Cathy, Rachel, Patti, Joanna, Rick, Alicia & D'Andre
Front Row: Ava, Ray San, Carrie, Zach, Jackson, Uncle Carl & Auntie Kido
The skies opened up and it poured as we enjoyed our pancake breakfast, crafts & bouncy house fun!! Luckily the sun came out right as the walk was about to start and it turned out to be a perfect day for a 3.1 mile walk. Unfortunately our team kind of got split up into different groups along the way though. Hopefully next year I can try to do a better job of keeping us all together!!Look at all the walkers =]
At the end we enjoyed some yummy hot dogs and chips. We also got the chance to take a picture with the Valley Medical Center team. Without all of them, Ray San wouldn't be as fantastic as he is now!!
A HUGE thank you to everyone that donated this year!! We were able to raise over $5,350 for the March of Dimes this year =] Looks like we'll have a big goal next year.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 30: A photo of you when you were happy

Yippee... the last one of the challenge. It only took me two months to do a 30 day challenge =]

I feel like I'm always pretty happy. I mean I may be in a bad mood or grumpy because I'm hungry, but I'm not unhappy with my life. I've got a miracle little boy who makes me laugh all the time. So since I'm pretty much always happy, I'll post a picture of me with some friends at the Mariners game this past weekend.

Day 29: A photo of someone you find attractive

Are we talking normal Joes or celebrities? Normal Joes? Then my husband of course. I wouldn't have married him if he wasn't a hottie... check him out =]If we are talking celebrities, then Jason Statham. He's got a nice body and I love his accent. Plus he plays bad asses... now if only he had a tattoo!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 28: A photo of what you ate today

Yummy chicken pot pie from Costco. It is pretty tasty and there is always HUGE chunks of chicken in the pie. The best part is that they don't put celery in it... I can't stand celery!!

Day 27: A photo of last summer

I can't believe that this was almost a year ago!! Ray San looks so young here. This picture was taken at Alki and he was having fun scooping up the sand and putting it in his bucket. We tried building sandcastles, but he was still a little too young. Can't wait for the nice weather this year!

Thanks for Reading!